Michael Strasser


Michael Strasser was born in 1977 in Innsbruck. He lives and works in Vienna and London.The artist studied photography at Friedl Kubelka School for Artistic Photography in Vienna, and then at the Austrian capital’s University of Applied Arts, where he was a student of Gabriele Rothemann. Following his diploma in 2006, Michael Strasser made installation, sculpture and performance pieces which sensitively explored the notion of social context. Drawing inspiration from the heightened sense of perception induced by situations of displacement, Michael Strasser recollects diverse travel experiences and weaves them into multi-layered stories.
He is a regular contributor to the performance collective Cie. Agar Agar, which he founded in 2009 with Annette Sonnewend. He has received a number of awards and grants, including a National Grant for Artistic Photography from the Federal Ministry for Art and Culture of Austria in 2008. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Austria and abroad, notably at the Julia Stoschek Foundation in Düsseldorf (2010), the Austrian Cultural Forum and X-initiative in New York (2009) and the projectspace of Kunsthalle Wien (2006).

Installation view Don’t give up 2010

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