APRIL – JULY 1994 by Lara Garcia

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Organized by PastVynerStreet
Closing Event: Thursday 12 January 2012, 6.30 to 9 pm

Rwanda exists, I saw it on CNN

The verb to look and the verb to be are two necessary coordinates that connect two points on a map: to look at X, to be in Y.

To look always implies an action in two directions at the same time: the first action is towards the outside, towards a better understanding of the subject of attention, and a second one towards the inside, towards us questioning the place from where we are looking from.

In order for us to create a connection with the subject, it is necessary that we modify the place we occupy: we move around, we go closer, we take a distance. When there is a displacement from the original position, there is a remarkable effect on us caused by the process of looking.

In 2005, I started to look at the events that took place in Rwanda between the 6th of April and the 31st of July 1994. The result of this process of active looking became this journey through changing of distances.

The exhibition is open by appointment from
December the 2nd to December the 16th, 2011
email pastvynerstreet@gmail.com
telephone 07788155978

DE STIHL CAMP Olivier Lellouche, Olivier Lebrun & Maori Murota

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Organized by PastVynerStreet in collaboration with DesignMarketo
Private View Friday 23 September, 2011 6-9 pm

De Stihl Camp’s idea revolves around a machine that produces steam for energy. Hot water baths and pressure cookers can initially be producing bentwood. The steam will loosen the fibers of wood to make it soft. The device goes far beyond a mere tool of production because the steam can also be used to prepare a meal as well as to power a sauna. The machine becomes a reason for making a social connection in a low-tech and slow context: we produce, we eat, we relax.

The machine will start to function at 12am. Water from a nearby source will be boiled in big casseroles and steam will be canalized into the ‘steambox’ where solid wood is placed to get soft. After approximately one hour, around 1pm, the machine will be ready for cooking. Chef Maori Murota had created two attractive recipes to be cooked in the machine and every body is welcome to join us during lunchtime. The De Stihl Library will be installed in the gallery space for visitors to read the documentation about the process of how the project started and further more, how to interact with nature and energy as tools for production. Around five, tea time will be a perfect moment to relax and speak while we wait for the sauna to be heated.

Download Press release.UK

The exhibition opens Friday 23 to Sunday 25 September, 2011, 12am-8pm
Any enquiry 07788155978


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Curated by Lucile Dupraz
Private view Thursday 21 July 2011, 6-9pm
Artist in conversation with writer and critic Kari Rittenbach, 7pm

It is with great pride that PastVynerStreet presents ‘Thomas Lock: Breaking Points‘. Part of our ongoing artists projects series, this exhibition combines a screening room with a display of material from the film and video artist’s working process.

For Breaking Points, Thomas Lock collaborated with Hellicar & Lewis and Robin Rimbaud using open-source computer technology to create a time-based video collage of sound and images gathered on the Northern coast of France. This ‘Opal Coast’ that lies between the French/Belgian border and harbour city of Boulogne-sur-mer is a landscape punctuated by the remnants of 15,000 bunkers built during the Second World War.

Led by the phenomenological enquiry into this ‘Atlantic Wall’ conduced by Paul Virilio in Bunker Archeology, Thomas Lock created Breaking Points with the vision to dissect and then randomly reconstruct the bunkers and their surrounding landscape in new and unpredictable ways. The artist, with his collaborators, developed a purpose-made computer application which merges audio field recordings and still images according to a randomized process. Spread across multiple screens, Breaking Points takes the audience on a psychological journey in and around the ruins of this military architecture.

Untitled from Thomas Lock on Vimeo.

Breaking Points was produced in 2010 at Le Fresnoy,
Studio National des Arts Contemporains
Programming by Hellicar and Lewis
Sound design by Robin Rimbaud

The exhibition is open by appointment and Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 from 11am – 6pm
(finissage on Sunday 31 July from 3pm).

For press enquiries or to arrange an appointment please email pastvynerstreet@gmail.com.
Past Vyner Street project space
1 Corbridge Crescent, London E2 9DS

Read about the show:
JOTTA Interview with Lucile Dupraz and Thomas Lock.
DAZED DIGITAL article here

LOST AND FOUND Makiko Yamamoto

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Curated by Sandra Sykorova
Closing event Thursday 7 July 2011, 6 to 9pm

This art project titled Lost and Found explores ideas around the relationship between art and society, and role of art as a catalyst for social change.
In her artistic practice, Makiko studies or investigates the blurred boundaries between art and life, fiction and reality, the public and the private. The exhibition displays the different stages and aspects of this project as it has evolved over the last month in a dialogue with the public, the artist and local postal services.

During the closing event all participants have the opportunity to share their thoughts, perceptions and feedback on this project and continue any discussions after the event via the www.lost-found.org.uk or visit future events and exhibitions at the PastVynerStreet project space.


ARC-EN-CIEL Roland Brauchli

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Supported by Helvetic Centre

Private view Thursday 5 May 2011, 6 to sunset

SUNDAY BEST Claudia Sarnthein

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Curated by Lara Garcia

Private view Thursday 7 April 2011, 6-9pm
Conversation with writer Gareth Evans 21 April 2011, 8pm



January 6, 2011 Comments Off on LIFE IN THE VESSEL Morley Hill

Curated by Sandra Sykorova

Private view Thursday 13 January 2011, 6-9pm
Live music performance with Clinker Babbage

DON’T GIVE UP Michael Strasser

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Curated by Sandra Sykorova

Private view Thursday 16 December 2010, 6-9pm



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Saturday 23 October 2.30-4.30pm
The next edition of the ART LICKS tour series will include a visit to PastVynerStreet.
ART LICKS organizes by-monthly afternoon excursions to “the best initiatives happening in London”.


GREED Nicolas Feldmeyer

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Presented by Helvetic Centre

Private view Thursday 7 October 2010, 6-9pm


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